easy gardening activities for kids

Easy Gardening Activities for Kids

Getting the children involved in the garden is good for them in so many ways. Gardening shows children where food comes from, what plants need to thrive and what kinds of plants pollinators like most. You could go further and show children how to make their own compost from food scraps, teach them about water conservation and show them how to identify plants and trees. The knowledge gained from helping in the garden will benefit children for their whole lives. These gardening activities are a great place to start!

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Easy gardening activities for kids


Kids love to do what grown-ups do – it’s how they learn about life and the world around them. Getting them involved in some of the regular gardening activities isn’t as scary as you might think – here are some typical garden jobs your children might like to get involved in.


  1. Planning the garden. One of the best ways to encourage children to take ownership of something is to get them involved at every stage. My children wanted to grow sunflowers again this year, so that’s exactly what we’re doing.
  2. Sowing seeds. Sowing seeds is a relaxing and easy way to pass the time. It’s an easy way for kids to get their hands dirty without too much mess. They’ll enjoy it even more if they’ve been able to choose some of the seeds to plant.
  3. Watering. One of the activities my children like the most is watering. It is very hard to over water most of the plants in my garden. Have a towel and some spare clothes on standby for when they come in soaking!garden
  4. Harvesting. Undoubtedly the best activity in the garden – harvesting all the yummy produce they’ve worked hard to grow. Let them try a tomato or some strawberries straight from the plant.
  5. Digging. Is there anything more fun to a small child than digging a big, muddy hole and making lots of mess? Make sure they’re in old clothes and wellies for this, with clean clothes and towels ready for when you’re done. Let them help you dig over your beds and borders and they will have a good way to let off some steam before falling asleep in front of the telly when you’re done. Ahhhhhh.
  6. Weeding. This is possibly my least favourite job in the garden (if you’ve read my recent garden diaries you might understand why). Many hands make light work and as long as the weeds aren’t thorny, there’s no reason the kids shouldn’t try digging out a few.


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Fun crafty activities for the garden.

To make the garden even more fun, get creative with the kids!

  1. Paint flower pots. Terracotta pots are cheap and can be easily painted on with acrylic paints. They make great gifts. Decide what design to do first (silly faces do well here) and make an afternoon of it. They dry very quickly and acrylics are quite easy to clean up as long as you do it straight away.
  2. Make plant ID sticks. Over the summer, save as many ice lolly sticks as you can – these make great plant ID sticks. Let the little ones write or draw a plant on each one. Simple, yet effective!
  3. Make a scarecrow. Take some old clothes, stuff them with some more old clothes or the innards of an old pillow. Tie up with twine or stitch together if you can. Voila! A scarecrow! You can make it as wacky or as normal looking as you like
  4. Make a wind chime. I love these suncatcher wind chimes from Hands On As We Grow – such a simple yet effective idea! I’m going to be making these this summer.

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What are your kids getting up to in the garden this summer?

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