Garden Diary July 2017

garden diary july 2017

The plants are finally starting to thrive, then along came the caterpillars… 

tomato flowers

pepper flowers

The tomato and pepper plants are flowering. I seem to remember more flowers on last year’s tomato plants, but I think these ones were planted later. There’s a lot to be said for proper planning!

young spearmint

flowering apple mint

The spearmint is starting to grow back after dying back a few weeks ago. Luckily, the apple mint is still growing strong and starting to flower!

tall purple flowered bush

I’m still not sure what this gorgeous plant is. It is everywhere, it is tall and it smells gorgeous. I will have to keep an eye on it because it’s getting very big!


The sunflowers are shooting up now – the biggest one is almost up to my shoulder! Next year I’d love to see a row of tall, proud sunflowers along the fence. I wonder if they’re good companion plants?


The fuchsia we found at the bottom of the garden appears to be recovering since we saved it from suffocation-by-bramble. When I was a child, my next door neighbour had a huge fuchsia plant in her front garden. The berries smelled quite chocolatey. They didn’t taste as chocolatey as they smelled – imagine the disappointment! Fuchsia flowers and berries are apparently edible, although I don’t think much of the taste myself. Maybe I’ll give fuchsia berries another go now that I’m all grown up!


Last month’s gardening goals.

  1. Find a natural way to deal with the slugs.
  2. Keep the weed free areas weed free.
  3. Trim back the ivy on both sides of the house.

Thanks to the dry weather, slugs haven’t really been a problem this month. We’ll see how this progresses as the weather continues to be wet – although I really hope they don’t become a problem again because our poor nasturtiums are having enough to contend with!

caterpillar infestation



What we loved – and what we didn’t.

The plants in our garden are really taking shape now. It’s not where I wanted it to look like, but we deliberately held off expecting an imminent move. Now that we know we’re going to be here longer than we originally planned, we can put more effort into a beautiful and edible garden. I’m already starting to think of ideas for next year!

As for what we didn’t love? Caterpillars. I think the picture below says enough!

caterpillar infestation


Next month’s gardening goals.

  1. See if there’s anything more I can do to help the fuchsia flourish.
  2. Decide what to do about the caterpillars.
  3. Start thinking about what I want to plant next year and where.

What are you up to in the garden this month?

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