Garden Diary June 2017 || Reclaiming The Wild

Slight hiccough this month as we delayed work on the garden for something that wasn’t meant to be. Did we manage to pull it back? Read on to find out.

marigold garden diary

Last month’s gardening goals.

  1. Plant out the sweetcorn, sunflowers, nasturtium and marigold.
  2. Pot on the two tomato plants, one with marigold or basil to test companion planting.
  3. Continue weeding and cutting the hedge.

I almost didn’t make any goals this month. Soon after I published the last garden diary, we found a house that was almost perfect for us. We held off on planting the sweetcorn and the marigolds stayed on our windowsill while we went through the references and credit checks. Sadly, the landlord was also registered with another agency and signed a tenant while we were still going through our checks.

kids in the garden garden diary

What better way to blow away the sorrows than a day tidying up a neglected garden? Everybody helped. After potting on the rainbow chard sown at the UpFront Gardens launch, Shane helped water the plants. Caden helped Ian do some planting before helping me in the front garden. Rhian helped me in the front garden, trimming the hedges and clearing the old branches away. All of the children got to use grown up tools to trim the hedges with, under close adult supervision!

Of course, Ian worked the hardest. He mowed and weeded. He planted some nasturtiums, sunflowers, marigold and sweetcorn. Then he moved the dog rose bush. I can see why people pay him to garden – he gets it done, and quickly.

lavender garden diary

What we loved – and what we didn’t.

Although we haven’t done much in the garden, I loved our gardening afternoon and have decided we should do it at least once a month. I’ve also loved seeing nature make it’s own way – we have lots of self seeded nasturtiums, a poppy and even a tomato plant that self seeded!

One of the biggest problems we’ve had this month is slugs. A couple of plants have been completely devoured and a couple more have been damaged significantly. Beer traps have worked to a point but I think there’s just too many of them! Any ideas welcome.

nasturtiums and poppies garden diary

Next month’s gardening goals.

We held on for something that wasn’t to be, but our garden sprang back. So will we!

  1. Find a natural way to deal with the slugs.
  2. Keep the weed free areas weed free.
  3. Trim back the ivy on both sides of the house.

What are you up to in the garden this month?

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2 thoughts on “Garden Diary June 2017 || Reclaiming The Wild

  1. Bran is an non-poisonous way to rid yourself of slugs. Buy it cheap (not organic stuff from health food shops) and put little piles (about a tablespoon) around your plant area. The slugs love and come miles to gorge. This dehydrates them and unfortunately they can not move again. Otherwise I would recommend chickens, but that’s a whole new set of responsibilities.

    1. I’d love chickens, but I don’t think my garden is big enough for them. In the next house, maybe! I’ll try the bran and let you know how I get on with it.

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