Garden Diary May 2017 || Reclaiming the Wild

Last month after a massive cold I decided enough was enough – it was time to put on the gardening gloves and get my garden to a more presentable state. I set myself specific goals and gave myself one month to complete them. How did I do? Read on to find out…

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Last month’s goals.

  1. Weed both sides of the house.
  2. Decide what to plant – fast!
  3. Trim the hedges.

For the first few weeks I had a massive bout of enthusiasm. The dry weather helped! I’d spend an hour or so every couple of days or half an hour here and there. Then life took over, I got busy and pretty much stopped.

purple flowered nettle

I decided to tackle the weeding first which was probably a mistake – I started by weeding the gravel patches next to the shed and under the living room window. The plants (butterbur?) that were growing behind the thistles had a very advanced root system. I couldn’t get them all as they were growing from underneath the house. Ian mowed the part of the back garden that he could actually reach and dug out as many docks and brambles as he could fit into our garden waste bin.


After making time to sit down with my box of seeds I planted sunflower, sweetcorn, nasturtium and marigold. My sons had a lovely time helping me sow the seeds and place them on the living room window sill. My south facing window makes a great place to nurture seedlings! I also got some spearmint and tomato from Ian.

As for the hedge? Well, I started it… and managed about half an hour before being distracted by the usual motherly duties. I haven’t done anything to it since.

messy garden

Next month.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad start. I could have made more time for the garden but I did manage to make a noticeable improvement.

  1. Plant out the sweetcorn, sunflowers, nasturtium and marigold.
  2. Pot on the two tomato plants, one with marigold or basil to test companion planting.
  3. Continue weeding and cutting the hedge.

What are you up to in the garden this month?

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2 thoughts on “Garden Diary May 2017 || Reclaiming the Wild

  1. Looks a huge challenge for a busy mum, Lauren! Borrow a couple of sheep for a weekend and they’ll eat the grass, then a pig or two to get the serious stuff (brambles etc) followed by a few chickens to clear the soil of slugs and snails. Once they’ve all been sent back to their owners fat and happy you can get started. Research the ‘no dig’ method and enjoy the planting. Simples! If you need some plants I’ve got loads.
    PS. Your children will think you are the best mum ever!

    1. That sounds like great fun! I’ll definitely look into that, the kids would love to look after animals for the weekend. I definitely need to get some form of slug control in. One surprised me in the shower last week. I don’t even have any plants in the bathroom!

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