Green & Ethical Birthday Gifts For Teenagers

It’s official – my daughter is almost 13. I fully can’t believe I am about to become the mother of an actual teenager. Is it because I became a parent at such a young age, or is there never an age at which parents feel comfortable with their children getting older?

Being a mother of a pre-teen has its obvious downsides (alpha-female BS wars are at least a monthly occurrence) but it has a lot of bonuses too. She’s starting to get into horror, which means I don’t have to put up with really boring kids TV so much. The goth phase has well and truly arrived and with it a shared interest in music. But the biggest bonus is that I can see the beginnings of an actual adult forming, and with it a sense of relief. Relief that maybe I didn’t balls up this whole parenting thing after all. Not bad at all for a teen parent, if I do say so myself!

darth vader keep cup review

Zero waste gifts for teenagers

Reusable coffee cup – an actual request from my daughter, although it will probably be more for hot chocolates than coffees! I’m getting her the Rey KeepCup.

Reusable water bottle – another recent request from my daughter. I’m so relieved that she is asking for practical gifts. She’s asked for a Klean Kanteen like the one I reviewed in the summer (and still use now).

Reusable menstrual products – we love Crimson Moon’s unique CSP designs. We also love Bloom & Nora’s ultra soft CSPs.

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

Sustainable fashion gifts for teenagers

New-to-her clothes, preferably second hand – ebay is my favourite way to do this.

Po-Zu Star Wars shoes are perfect for my Kylo-Ren obsessed Star Wars fan. (Aside: what is it about Kylo Ren that people find attractive? I just can’t understand it)

festival goers on a field under a bright blue sky

Time based gifts for teenagers

Tickets to the green festival of the year (talking about Green Gathering of course)! Weekend tickets for Green Gathering 2019 are £90 with code “incred19”.

Take them out for junk food, especially something like Cardiff’s Greazy Vegan!

A day out somewhere special, especially if it’s just the two of you.

Other bloggers recommend…

“Phone case, po-zu star wars shoes, second hand sewing machine, experience like animal keeper etc., membership to something they love, magazine/book subscription like Christine Farrell’s, clothes, depends on the kid I think and their interests” Claire Lyons, The Frugal Family

“Aromatherapy treatments as it’s such a tumultuous time and lots of mental health struggles in those years. my sister is about that age and I’ve been gifting her my favourite candles/sprays/etc. also crystals can be a nice little gift depending on their interest” Bryanna Skye, The EcoLogical

“I run The Divine Hag Ltd and run aromatherapy workshops, some specifically designed for stress etc where people learn about essential oils and make their own recipes – this is fun and informative and can be really empowering” Margaret Morrison-Macleod, The Divine Hag

“I think Allbirds shoes look pretty cool. I’m going to get a pair soon as my everyday shoes are near the end of their life. I love the sustainability journey they are on.” Russ Avery, Russ Avery Consulting

“One of our eco-friendly and ethically created scarves that comes with its story? Very versatile!” Jo Salter, Where Does It Come From

“A sturdy reusable water bottle in a nice colour or pattern, such as a Chilly’s Bottle! Handy for school, sports, dance lessons, etc!” Ruth Emily Plaxton, Naturally Northern Beauty

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