How To Keep Warm In The Winter

how to keep warm in the winter

Don’t want to put the heating on yet? Me neither: check out my top tips on how to keep warm in the winter.


How To Keep Warm In The Winter


Winter is fast approaching – getting whipped by bitter winter winds, cwtching down with a mug of mocha, watching my breath catch the air and spending time with my family. It’s fair to say I love winter – but with a wedding to save for (not to mention the obvious environmental benefits) I am NOT looking forward to putting the heating on.


Despite shivering for the past two weeks due to a blockage in my boiler, I’d rather have the heating switched off as much as is practical. That said, the chemicals treating said blockage are heat activated, and so we are toasty for the next few days on orders of the engineer.


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Afterwards, however? With October being Birthday Month, the costs of moving Ian in, Christmas on the way and my almost depleted wedding fund, it’s fair to say we’re pretty skint for the foreseeable. With that in mind, we’ll be keeping the heating to a minimum. Which is a challenge, when you’re a complete wimp with the cold.


Once the cold gets in me, my body doesn’t want to let it out again. My thighs turn to ice and will stay icy for hours. One year a friend took me to the Next sale on Boxing Day. Equally skint, we queued for the 5am opening to buy decent clothes for the kids. I came away with clothes I still have 5 years later, but my thighs were still icy cold after 6 hours and a hot bath.


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My Top Tips For Keeping Warm In The Winter


I’ll be battening down the hatches and with any luck, some pennies will find their way into the imaginary wedding pot. Here’s how I’m going to do it. Have any more ideas? Throw them my way!


  • Wear thermal underwear –  Even a pair of cheap leggings and a tight vest or long sleeve top can help.  My children wear plain, black tights under their trousers. Shane calls them his leg warmers! Lastly, remember to wear cozy socks or double up. Cold toes are not my idea of fun!
  • Don’t forget the jumper – What you put on top of your regular clothes is just as important. If you’re heading out for the day, a stylish but cozy jumper and coat are just what you need. If you’re staying in, wrap up in a big, fluffy dressing gown and a pair of slipper socks.
  • Stay warm all night long. A long sleeve pair of pyjamas and a warm pair of socks is essential for those hoping to stay warm at night. Have an extra blanket or duvet close by (although if you have a 13.5 tog you probably won’t need one). Ian’s curled up in jumpers too before now – you know the jumper you bought him for Christmas is a good one when it’s cozy and comfy enough to go to sleep in!


a warm, cosy reading nook with a blanket, hot chocolate, a pillow, a throw and a candle. how to keep warm in the winter
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  • Wrap up outdoors – Don’t underestimate the warming power of a proper coat, hat, scarf or gloves. All are easily removable if you do get too hot and a hat, scarf, gloves combo should fit snugly into your bag.
  • Wrap up indoors. Scarves and gloves are not just for outdoors. A light scarf and some fingerless gloves in the evenings can make a big difference to how warm you feel. Granted, you’re probably less inclined to try this is you have a boiler that works, but I tried it out of necessity and I’d definitely do it again.
  • Throw on a throw. If you’re cold and you’re not going to bed, grab a throw or small blanket. If that won’t do, bring the duvet down!
  • Use hot appliances at the colder parts of the day. If you must use a tumble dryer or iron, do it in the morning or evening. Although they aren’t made to heat the house, the room you use them in will get warmer.


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  • Leave the oven door open after cooking. If it is safe to do so, that is. Instead of gradually warming up the outer parts of the oven and dissipating, the heat you used to cook your food will make your kitchen much warmer.
  • Batten down the hatches. Go through each room of the house and check the windows, doors and radiators. Bleed the radiators, make sure the curtains fit and the doors and windows close properly. Check all seals and make sure the radiators aren’t blocked by furniture.
  • Warm up from the inside. This is NOT the time for salad. Warm yourself up with hot drinks, soups, stews and casseroles. Shane loves a small mug of hot squash!


Have you put the heating on yet? What’s your favourite way to keep warm in the winter? Let me know in the comments!



how to keep warm in the winter

Featured image photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash.

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