Klean Kanteen Insulated Bottle Review

Klean Kanteen review - insulated water bottle 20ozs

I give the Klean Kanteen insulated bottle a spin. 


Before my summer break, I had a major fright. I’d been at an all day meeting and, in a rush to get home, caught the wrong train. It was heading in a similar direction at first, so after we passed the first three stations or so, I took a snooze.


About twelve hours later, I’m watching the sun rise as Ian drives me home from A&E. In the confusion of getting on the wrong train and ending up lost, I’d gone without a drink for over 5 hours in the middle of a heat wave. The train I should have got had a drinks trolley, so I didn’t think to bring my own water. The day before all this happened, someone from Klean Kanteen emailed me to offer me an item to review.


This taught me a few lessons: always know which train you’re taking in advance; always carry your own drinking water; and the universe often gets events the wrong way round, possibly to mock you. Consider the lessons learnt!


my klean kanteen insulated bottle chilling out in the garden


Klean Kanteen Insulated Bottle Review


As soon as I received my water bottle I carried it every time I left the house. The boys have been able to have some cold water as soon as they leave school for the day. I’ve been able to drink as often as I’ve needed to. I’ve had the bottle next to me constantly while working, to make sure I got back to full strength. I even managed to find a single “pop vending machine”!


The Klean Kanteen water bottles seem quite pricey at first glance, but you’re paying for quality. This bottle will keep your water cool for a lot longer than the cheap bottle you might buy off the high street. My bottle survived Green Gathering (which my hefty and much loved Thermos didn’t quite manage) without so much as a scratch. Besides, after a few weeks of not buying bottled water, you’ll have made that money back.



A couple of times my bottle has gotten a little musty – usually when I’ve got home and forgotten to rinse and dry the bottle. It’s been an easy fix – simply soak in hot water and bicarb (I use about a teaspoon) for a few hours then rinse thoroughly. Smell gone!



klean kanteen water bottle



What I love about my Klean Kanteen bottle


It’s relatively easy to carry around

You can put a carabiner on it

The colour is gorgeous

The measurement is printed on the bottom of the bottle

It doesn’t leak

It came in packaging that had clearly been reused

I now carry water everywhere

It’s easy to take care of


What I don’t love about my Klean Kanteen bottle


The size, but all insulated bottles are bigger than you’d expect.


Where can you buy Klean Kanteen insulated bottles?


On the Klean Kanteen website or from Amazon.


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