Bohemian Jungalow: The New Interiors Trend That Will Change Your Life

bohemian jungalow

The bohemian jungalow trend is here. It’s beautiful, it’s distracting, and I have to have all of the plants right now! Transform your dull home into a living space that is truly LIVING. Bohemian jungalow. You’re welcome.

bohemian jungalow clapton tram

This plant-filled warehouse is available to hire for filming and photography purposes. Yes, please! This would be the perfect place to take some professional photos for an eco-friendly blogger. I love the use of hanging baskets in this room.

bohemian jungalow terrarium

Terrariums are easy to make and absolutely gorgeous to look at. There’s a great starter kit here – perfect for putting your favourite succulents inside this terrarium.

bohemian jungalow spider plant

Indoor plants clean the air for you – the NASA Clean Air Study suggests that 1 plant per 100 square feet of office or home space will give you efficient air cleaning. Only one? I want more!

bohemian jungalow succulents

Succulents are easy to care for and can really help brighten up a space. One of the best? Aloe Vera. When needed you can break a branch off and use it to heal burns, spots or cuts. It does wonders for your skin and is one of the best plants to clean the air.

bohemian jungalow

There aren’t many surfaces that can’t be brightened up by a few potted plants. Or five, or six, or seven…

bohemian jungalow

One thing that has surprised me is that there aren’t many edible plants in these pictures. Yes, we all love succulents but we’ve gotta eat too! Show us the productive plants!

My thoughts? Our new house is going to look a lot like this. Between my plants and Ian’s plants, we’re probably at least halfway.

bohemian jungalow

More bohemian jungalow inspiration.

I’ve created a new Bohemian Jungalow Pinterest Board so I’d love it if you followed!

What do you think of the bohemian jungalow trend? Does is make your heart sing? Or is it a bit much? Let me know in the comments!

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