New Years Resolutions Are Not A Waste Of Time

new years resolutions

I’ve always done New Years Resolutions and yet recently I’ve been getting the impression that I’m in the minority. Every January it is the same. A flurry of “I’ll be the same badass bitch I was in 2016” or “I’m going to annoy you just as much next year” memes on Facebook. In fact, even when I asked my fiance if he was going to do any New Year’s Resolutions he told me he didn’t bother and that they were a waste of time.

Um, excuse me?

 New Years Resolutions are not a waste of time. I think anything that prompts someone to look at their life and ask themselves if it’s going in the direction they want it to is a good thing. The turn of a new year is just one of the times you could pause and reflect on where you feel you are in your life. Other people may use birthdays. Many sleepwalk through their lives until a major life event forces them to think about what they are doing with their lives. For me, the prompt point is the onset of another calendar year.

One of the main ways I try to stick to my resolutions is by taking small steps to get me closer to my goals every month. This allows me to try many different things while I try to reach my goal. If I find something is working well, I can keep doing it. If not, I can switch it up without feeling too guilty. For example, in my never-ending quest to be healthier (one I think most people struggle to stick to, am I right?)  I am going to try to do a short yoga session twice a week. If it works, great! My joints will be healthier. If not, I’ll find another activity to try.

Of course, there are always resolutions you feel you didn’t stick to. Maybe you resolved to quit smoking and although you tried, you were still smoking on December 31st. Some people might consider this a fail, however this is usually not the case. Perhaps cold turkey didn’t work for you, perhaps you managed to cut down  while on NRT. If you didn’t manage to meet your goal completely, take a moment to think about why. Maybe a major life event disrupted your focus, or your goal was too unrealistic. The bottom line is, no resolution will be worth the effort if you’re not prepared to analyse what went wrong. Persevering to meet your goals means changing what went wrong and finding what works for you.

If you haven’t made any goals for 2017, why not make some now? We’re only a few days in. If you have, keep at it! Let me know what your goals are.

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