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Nozstock Raises Its Green Game For 2019

The UK music festival industry is huge – 3.17 million people go to festivals in the UK every year. And like any big industry, it comes with a huge environmental cost. According to the Powerful Thinking report The Show Must Go On, the UK music festival industry generates 23,500 tonnes of waste every year, using 5 million litres of fuel. Without travel to and from the festival, this equates to almost 20,000 tonnes of CO2 per year – but guest travel to and from the festival often equates to around 80% of a festivals emissions. It’s no surprise that festivals are beginning to wake up to this and take action – the latest of these is Nozstock.

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basket weaving at Nozstock

About Nozstock

Now in its 21st year, Nozstock is a family run festival in Herefordshire. They bring play to everyone, in whatever form they can. Nozstock caters for all ages, with activities that everyone can enjoy. In 2017 they won an A Greener Festival award for the improving their environmental impact. They’re ticking plenty of boxes so far – but what are they up to this year?

If last year is anything to go by, it’s going to be pretty awesome!

Nozstock’s green activities

This year Nozstock are expanding their green offering, which already includes tree planting, a clean campsite competition, a plastic awareness campaign and more. As well as hosting Extinction Rebellion who are giving daily talks on the climate emergency and non-violent direct action, they’re bringing green living into the craft area with activities like these:

  • Stitch and Bitch upcycling, crochet and knitting tutorials
  • Repair a Sharper Future – tinkering, fixing and sharpening
  • The solar-powered Slippery Slope Stage
  • Building a giant cob chimney monster
  • Gardening advice and magic seed workshops
  • Cornerwood Green wood workshops
  • Fungal fun with Mushroom Paul
  • A pedal-powered smoothie and energy cocktail bar

Ok, I definitely need to see this smoothie bar! Nozstock are making some big improvements this year and although they have a way to go, the fact that they’re stepping up and making these changes says a lot about their ethos. This is a festival to watch closely.

Nozstock: The Hidden Valley is on 18th-21st July 2019 in Herefordshire.

Nozstock 2018 sunset - credit Chloe Knott
Photo credit: Chloe Knott

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