repurposed gin bottle gifts

Repurposed Gin Bottle Gifts You Need To Have In Your Life

These gifts are perfect for the gin lover in your life – I know what I’m buying my dad for his birthday! If you love gin or know someone who does, read this post right now!

Repurposed gin bottle jewellery.

It would never have occurred to me to cut tiny pieces of bottles and make jewellery out of them, but that’s exactly what the folks at Glassoholics EU have done. Their pieces are sustainable and affordable, making them perfect gifts for the gin lovers in your life.

I love this pendant of the British Isles: it’s cut from a Martin Miller’s gin bottle. The crafters, Glassoholics EU, make jewellery out of old gin (and other booze) bottles.

repurposed Tanqueray gin bottle earrings

Another from Glassoholics EU! These Tanqueray gin bottle earrings are beautiful and I’m surprised by how affordable they are. Like seriously. Repurposed gin bottle gifts for everyone!

Repurposed gin bottle homewares.

Gin bottles aren’t just for adorning yourself! If you aren’t much of a jewellery fan, check out these amazing items for your home.

repurposed gin bottle tanqueray tumblers

These Tanqueray tumblers make a lovely gift set for a wedding or other special occasion. They do ship from the US but I have no idea what the shipping would be like.

repurposed gin bottle chopping board

This beautiful blue chopping board is perfect for lemon or your favourite vegan (or not) cheeses. It’s made from a Bombay Sapphire bottle.

repurposed gin bottle clock

I love this repurposed Tanqueray gin bottle clock. This is probably one for my father!

repurposed gin bottle bombay sapphire snack dish

This Bombay Sapphire snack dish can also be ordered as a planter with a drainage slit. Definitely one for fans of the bohemian jungalow look!

repurposed wine bottle gin and tonic candle

While not made from repurposed gin bottles, these G&T candles are made in recycled wine bottles. I call that a double win!

repurposed gin bottle lamp hendricks

This Hendricks gin bottle lamp is gorgeous. I have visions of it lighting tables in a dimly lit, romantic cafe for hipsters with finely groomed facial hair. Or simply a beautiful, eco-friendly bedside lamp.

Give me more!

If you want more repurposed glass gifts, definitely check out the Heart of Glass Etsy shop. You’ll be supporting British traders with eco-friendly values like your own.

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