School Strike Bristol

Last week I took the train with my daughter Rhian to the School Strike in Bristol, where Greta Thunberg gave a speech. Here’s how the day went!

Why are children (and their allies) still striking?

You’d think after the UK Government, Welsh Government and councils across the country declared a climate emergency, that we’d have what we wanted, wouldn’t you?


As I explained ages ago in my post about the climate emergency declaration, they were likely to be just words. While there has been a little movement, there just hasn’t been enough action.

Gathering on College Green

We were there roughly 20 minutes before the speeches were due to begin and already the green had become a muddy soup. In the thick of the crowd we were almost protected from the rain by the people surrounding us. We couldn’t see where the crowd ended at any point – the estimates I’ve seen range from 15-30,000 people!

I was struck by how considerate the crowd were – twice interrupting speeches to shout for a medic and leaving College Green tidy after they left.

Greta Thunberg’s speech

Greta’s speech (embedded above) struck a chord with me. Years from now, when we think about what we did today, what will we remember? Did we act to hold our politicians to account, or did we just carry on as normal and expect someone else to clean up the mess?

Part of being a good citizen is holding our elected officials to account. And it does work – the Bristol airport expansion was cancelled. Here in Wales, the M4 black route was dropped. But it’s still not enough – we’re still investing in fossil fuels, underfunding public transport and cutting trees to make way for houses in flood plains. I’m glad to be part of a movement that fights this, but there’s so much work still to do.

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