Splosh: Is Zero Waste Cleaning Solved?

Splosh Review – Is Zero Waste Cleaning Solved?

Refillable cleaning products from Splosh – gimmick or godsend?


Splosh are a Welsh company tackling plastic waste by selling super concentrated refills to their cleaning products. The first time you order, you’ll buy a starter kit with the bottles you’ll need. After that? Simply order refills as and when you need them, and they’ll come in a box small enough to fit through your letterbox. You pop the concentrated refill in the right bottle with hot water and you’re ready to clean!


“Owing to ‘taint’ (the residue left from home and personal care products) only bottles containing drinks can be recycled into other bottles. So your washing up liquid bottle gets turned into something like a fleece or a road traffic cone. In other words it’s not recycled, it’s ‘down-cycled’. And when this new product comes to the end of its life? It can be downcycled no further and ends up in landfill.” -Splosh


Splosh Starter Kit


Splosh cleaning products – my thoughts


Splosh sent me their pomegranate washing up liquid, cotton laundry powder and liquid, clementine kitchen cleaner and the mint and eucalyptus toilet cleaner. They also sent me a box of their washing up liquid refills.


The refills came in a box small enough to fit through the letterbox on its own. It’s worth keeping these boxes to one side, because this is what you’ll use to send the refill pouches back for reprocessing. By sending the pouches back after you’re done with them, you reduce plastic waste by 97.5%!


I’m a sucker for a scent. There, I’ve said it. To tell you the truth I hate cleaning, and having a product that smells beautiful really helps me motor. Splosh don’t disappoint here. All of their products smell gorgeous. Their laundry detergent smells lovely, and putting the clothes out to dry was an experience I’ll be glad to repeat.



How does Splosh compare to Method?


All of the products I’ve tested clean just as well as Method, if not better. The washing up liquid in particular is amazing – it smells delicious and foams up so much better than my usual Method washing up liquid. The laundry detergent and kitchen cleaner both clean just as well as their Method counterparts, with the bonus of smelling better.


The refills are pretty cheap – it works out at less than £1.50 per bottle of washing up liquid or kitchen cleaner (far less than I pay for Method). I think the laundry detergent is a little more expensive than I pay but that’s only because I wait until I see Method’s stuff half price then buy a few bottles.



I hope they release a bathroom cleaner scent such as ylang ylang (the Method scent I use for the main bathroom) or something else that takes me to a spa. A glass cleaner would also be amazing – us bespectacled folk go through a fair amount!


Splosh products smell better, they clean as well, they’re cheaper and most importantly they’re better for our planet. So if you fancy saving money, saving plastic waste and supporting an independent British (Welsh!!!) business without compromising on cleanliness: Splosh is the answer to all of your problems.



Have you tried Splosh yet?


Splosh: Is Zero Waste Cleaning Solved?

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