Is Standing Up The New Sitting Down?

Stand up desks are all over the internet right now, but are they worth it?


I’m seeing more and more articles about the benefits of standing up recently, and with it an increase in ads telling us about the shiny new product that will make standing up for work oh, so easy.


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You know the products I’m talking about. REALLY tall desks. Weird metal frames that boost your computer and other bits up a few inches. Cheap products, expensive products, somewhere-in-between products… apparently nobody ever thought of using a big book or two?


I’ve been standing up to work for a week or two now and I haven’t bought anything new to do it. Read on to discover the how, the what and why you should think about standing up to work.


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What are the benefits of standing up to work?


One of the main benefits is standing up is better for your posture – something I personally have benefitted from. When I worked from my sofa, my knees would hurt so much at night the pain kept me awake. I felt a change the first day I started working standing up.


Standing up to work is also said to lower your risk of obesity and obesity related conditions, and increase your longevity. The Guardian reports that the benefits of standing up to work have been overstated: however, the same article goes on to say that the risks of sitting down to work have not.


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Standing up to work – get it done.


Some places on the internet will tell you that you NEED to buy this shiny and expensive stand up desk converter, or even a whole new desk. No, you don’t. Books, a sturdy box-like thing (little filing cabinet or similar) or your kitchen counter will do, if you work at home. That’s where I prefer to work. Who wouldn’t want to work right next to their coffee machine?


Since moving from my sofa to my kitchen counter, my pelvis and knees feel much better. I often still need to sit some of the time, but I spend most of my working week stood up now and my body is thanking me for it. I didn’t buy any extra equipment: I simply used what I already had at home. Win!


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My current set up: the dining room/nursery!


There are loads of ways you can stand up to work without buying the new, shiny things. Don’t fall into the trap of buying something new just because the internet told you to! Plus, if you do buy a tall desk to work at and it turns out you’re too short for it (a likely scenario for this pint-sized blogger) what then?


Of course, there are a few drawbacks. It’s sometimes difficult to concentrate while stood up. I sit when I need to concentrate more. If I ache after standing for too long, I sit for a while. If a good song comes on, I dance while I work! It will take a few tries to find a level of standing up that works for your body. Let’s face it: you have nothing to lose. If you try standing up for a while (without buying some random bit of junk you’ll never use) and you don’t like it, you can just sit down again.


Do you work standing up?


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