the best vegan milk for coffee

The Best Vegan Milk For Coffee

Upgrade your morning brew.


Picture this: your alarm goes off, abruptly interrupting what was a really cool dream to tell you it’s time for another fun-filled weekday morning. You haul yourself out of bed, instantly regretting that midnight sesh on Instagram. You go downstairs and get your filter coffee brewing as you get on with your morning. You head back to the kitchen a few minutes later, the smooth scent of the magic bean gently filling the air. Come here, it says, I’ll carry you through your morning.


You take your favourite mug and slowly pour in the liquid of deepest black, savouring the puff of steam that rises to meet you. You add your favourite vegan milk, and…


What. A. Mess.




I hear you, little tired baby. This cannot go on. We need a proper brew: be we vegan, flexitarian, dairy free or just plain adventurous. I am here to help you. This blog post is exactly what you need.


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Why is my vegan milk curdling in coffee?


There are two main reasons your vegan milk is curdling in your coffee: acidity and heat shock. The good news is, both are relatively easy fixes!


To reduce heat shock in vegan milk, put the milk in first and when you add the hot liquid, pour slowly, running the liquid down the side of your mug to let the ceramic take the inital shock.


To beat the acidity shock, choose a vegan milk that is fortified with calcium and vitamins, making a weaker brew and choosing a darker, less acidic roast.


almonds in a glass

Photo by Remi Yuan on Unsplash


My favourite vegan milk for coffee is…


Alpro Unsweetened Soya is by far my favourite: we go through 4l a week or more! It has never curdled in my coffee and is pretty cheap when you buy it in the cardboard caddies of 6.


If you’re at a coffee shop and they happen to have Oatly Barista, definitely give it a go for your lattes and cappucinos. It’s creamy and it doesn’t curdle.


If almond milk is more your thing, I recommend going for the Blue Diamond Barista blend. I haven’t tried it personally, but I’ve had good feedback from people who have.





What is your favourite vegan milk? Let me know in the comments!


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