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The Big Green Etsy Christmas Gift Guide 2019

How the heck has December crept up on us so quickly? One minute I’m just settling down to work after the October half term and pow! December is just a few days away and I’ve bought one thing.

Do you feel Christmassy yet? I have to say, I wasn’t. That said, searching Etsy for some sustainable Christmas finds has got finally got my bells jingling. Now, to choose something to get my Secret Santa…

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Why Etsy?

Etsy has long been my first port of call for just about anything. I love that you can support local traders, and its wide choice of ethical and sustainable goods make easy work of gift shopping for any occasion. They also offset their shipping emissions!

Although you can use Etsy to browse sellers from all over the world, I prefer to limit my searches to UK sellers only. That way, I can guarantee that I’m supporting local businesses and cutting air miles while I shop.

Whether you are shopping for the kids or for your favourite adults, Etsy is the place to shop.


  1. Coffee pods are notoriously bad for the environment – they’re rarely recyclable and often end up in landfill. These coffee pod stud earrings are such an inventive way to make use of them!
  2. These wooden dangle earrings are just beautiful. They have a lovely earth and water vibe about them.
  3. Recycled Sterling silver is used to make these gorgeous geometric drop earrings. They almost make me want to get my ears pierced again!
  4. I love that this pendant contains dried rowan berries! It is said that rowan brings protection and good luck.
  5. These bracelets are made from odd beads from deconstructed vintage jewellery and would make a cute but inexpensive stocking filler or secret Santa present.
  6. When I saw bottle top pendant in the search results, I have to say I was expecting something less pretty. This wouldn’t be out of place with any hippy/earth mother outfit.
  7. Ok, seeing all these earrings is giving me serious piercing envy. These silver disc earrings are no exception.
  8. Like the rowan berry pendant above, this bangle contains dried botanicals for a truly natural look.
  9. This bracelet is made from guitar strings rescued from the creator’s local music shop that would have been otherwise thrown away. Rock on!
  10. Beautifully understated, this bangle is handmade from Scottish elm wood so you know it hasn’t travelled far.
  11. These upcycled pencil bracelets are so cute! I have a drawer full of tiny colouring pencils that are coming to the end of their life. Perhaps I could do something like this with them!


  1. These hydro herb kits are made from upcycled wine bottles. Do you think they’ll accept wine bottle donations?
  2. Speaking of wine bottles, here’s a succulent planter made from them too. Lush!
  3. This dining set features a gorgeous autumnal print and is made here in the UK from European origin cotton.
  4. What a gorgeous find this dinosaur tapestry is! I wish the boys were still young enough to appreciate this in their nursery.
  5. JD and Coke anyone? This upcycled bottle lamp would look perfect in my bedroom – I’ve bookmarked it for future use.
  6. Can you believe this clock is made out of motorbike parts?
  7. Another beautiful autumn find. This fox print pot pad is made from organic cotton and reclaimed towelling.
  8. A few years ago, these Kopparberg bottle tumblers would have been perfect for me. I’m not much of a cider person these days, but they still evoke some pretty awesome memories!
  9. Now some people wouldn’t find a toilet roll holder as a gift amusing, but when you combine it with reclaimed wood and a game of noughts and crosses, I say game on! (Of course, actually using it as a toilet roll holder is optional!)
  10. The music fan in your life will love this upcycled 7″ vinyl record lamp. A quick browse through their shop shows loads of other cool finds too!
  11. How adorable are these upcycled book planters? I’d love to know how they’re made.
  12. These bird pendants are made from recycled glass – so cute!
  13. Nightlights are usually such boring things, but these upcycled videogame nightlights are anything but boring!

Zero waste gifts

  1. These personalised metal straws are bold, cute and just itching to have swear words stamped all over them. Or, you know, your name if you’re a “normal” person!
  2. You next pamper sesh would do well to include this gorgeous bathtime box.
  3. One of my next zero waste swaps, when I feel brave enough, is a safety razor just like this one.
  4. This sweary metal travel mug is right up my street!
  5. Picnic fan? This mini eco gift set is a steal at £15.
  6. These unpaper towels are adorable and you can choose different types of backing. The shop sells lots of designs too!
  7. Battle Green’s zero waste kits are a great way to introduce your eco-conscious chums to zero waste living.
  8. Another beautiful bath kit – this time some crotched bathtime goodies.

Gifts for under £20

  1. Wrapping gifts is something that is frequently overlooked. This furoshiki fabric gift wrap set is so gorgeous it’s practically a present in itself!
  2. These recycled copper, hand stamped keyrings are a wonderful way to celebrate a special date.
  3. I don’t think I can say anything that adds to this pin. It’s just perfect, and it’s already in my basket. It’s totally alright to buy yourself presents, right?
  4. If I didn’t already have too many mugs, this mug would be in my basket too. Fill it with your favourite vegan hot chocolate, or my hot apple pie smoothie.
  5. Christmas cards always prove tricky. Some are recyclable, some are not. Some can be put in the compost heap, some can’t. These Christmas cards give you wildflowers! There are loads more designs in the shop too.
  6. What’s better than a new festive journal? A new, festive journal made from an upcycled retro Disney children’s book, that’s what! Not into the festive design? There are loads more upcycled journals in the FrostedPaper shop.
  7. Can you believe this wallet is made from inner tubes? This is why I suggest checking Etsy for these things!


  1. Such a simple message on this cotton t-shirt. Respect your mother – because you only get one!
  2. Reborn Childrenswear take preloved clothes and upcycle them into baby clothes. These cord booties are so damn cute I almost want another baby just so I have an excuse to buy them!
  3. This “eco scarf” is made from scraps left over from the designer’s other projects. It’s giving me some serious Doctor Who vibes! I wonder if they do adult scarves too?
  4. Ohhhh these dungarees would look so cute on my niece – or nephew for that matter!
  5. This “save the bees” t-shirt is great for your little baby eco-warrior.
  6. These boho upcycled shorts are lovely, and I love the whole shop overall.
  7. I love these upcycled denim jackets – the jackets themselves are preloved and lovingly sourced and upcycled by the creator, Lindsay.
  8. How gorgeous is the colour on this upcycled sweater coat? It looks so cosy and warm!


  1. Busy bags are great for developing keen young minds. This one is packed full of green messages and earth-friendly materials.
  2. I remember buying lacing toys for my sons when they were small. They would have loved these lace up dinosaurs!
  3. This beautiful tea set is made from sustainably sourced wood and painted with eco-friendly, non-toxic paints.
  4. Choo choo! This wooden train set is a wonderful gift for your littlest train fan. I love that it comes in natural wood or painted with eco-friendly paints.
  5. These balancing stones are made from sustainably sources maple wood and are great for building hand-eye co-ordination in your little ones.
  6. I love this eco warriors activity pack from Helpful Kids! As you might expect, it’s full of activities designed to help your children create a cleaner, greener world.
  7. While technically not a toy, these patchwork hedgehogs are so very cute. They’re made with items of clothing you send in, so if you’re buying for Christmas you’d better do it quick!
  8. Now. I was in two minds as to whether or not to include this upcycled and creepy af doll in a Christmas gift guide. My inital thought was “hell no!” but I soon realised this (and pretty much anything else in the Twisted Toy Box Shop) would be an amazing present for my extremely emo teenage daughter. So this one’s for all the parents of emo teens out there – I’ve got your back!

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