The Grumpy Gnome's Garden By Della Jayne Hales

The Grumpy Gnome’s Garden by Della Jayne Hales Review

A wonderful book for encouraging a love of nature in your children.


“This is a magical story set in an overgrown garden the size of a field where one very lonely, sometimes grumpy gnome wishes things were different. Although he wants his garden to be a beautiful place where he can sit, he works with wood all day and does not know how to change the wild growth into something wonderful and inviting.


“One day, a green-fingered fairy princess comes to stay in the Gnome’s cottage, and with a little hard work, a little magic and a little assistance from mark-o’-the-wisp who lives next door, transforms his wilderness into a gorgeous garden. Along the way, the fairy princess helps the Gnome make friends with his neighbours and other locals, and even encourages a furry feline housemate!”


The Grumpy Gnome's Garden By Della Jayne Hales


The Grumpy Gnome’s Garden by Della Jayne Hales


One of the first things I noticed about this book is that there is a fair amount of detail, with different types of plants, pictures of different breeds of butterflies and so on. This made for a wider learning experience, with us finding out what plants looked like and identifying the breeds of butterflies we knew.


The Grumpy Gnome’s Garden is a pretty chilled out read. There isn’t much peril, shock or drama. I imagine this book would make a great addition to a screen free day; we’d read a chapter then go and do a bit of gardening or colouring. That would make for a truly relaxing afternoon!


kids gardening muddy


The pictures in this book are beautiful, although we did laugh when we realised in the right clothes I could pass for the grumpy gnome! I think with a bit of tracing paper we could have lots of fun colouring in some grumpy gnome pictures of our own, or maybe even making butterfly info pages for a fun learning activity.


We really enjoyed reading The Grumpy Gnome’s Garden. I love reading a book that can become lots of little splinter projects, teaching the children about gardening, friendship and life. We found that we could be fairy princes and princesses in our garden too!


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You can buy The Grumpy Gnome’s Garden from Amazon and Waterstones.


The Grumpy Gnome's Garden By Della Jayne Hales


  1. Thank you for the lovely review. I am so glad that you really understood the theme and messages I am trying to get across in the book!

    Best wishes
    Della 🙂

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