eco friendly festival packing guide

The Ultimate Eco Friendly Festival Packing Guide

Going on a camping trip? You need this list!


My favourite eco-friendly festival is just around the corner and with it comes the inevitable packing list. This year, there are 8 of us again. Even if you aren’t taking the whole family, it’s always best to come prepared.


What to pack to go to an eco friendly festival


This list covers all the basics – from the actual tent to your favourite shampoo bar. Have I missed something? Let me know in the comments!



The essentials


A good quality tent or hire one there, through Camplight or similar. We might well hire a tent next year to save some fuss!

Camping mat and sleeping bag. We’ve gone through so many airbeds recently that we’ve decided camping mats are the way forward for those who can use them, and camping bed for those (me) that can’t lie on the ground. Again, you can sometimes hire these on site.

Thermal clothing is absolutely essential for all but the hottest summer evenings.

Lots of socks! As well as the two or three pairs you’ll want to be wearing at night, you’ll probably need extra changes for the day too. Socks wet from the morning dew are no fun.


vegan pink slaw in a glass with green olives, salad leaves, ryvita crispbreads and an aged cashew cheese against a white background


Eating & drinking


Biolite or solar stove. We all know that gas is not a green way to cook, but I rarely see any alternative. I’ve recently discovered the genius Biolite stove, which uses twigs or even nut shells and fruit stones as fuel to cook with. It’s officially on my camping wishlist!

Cooking pans. Save yourself some washing up by investing in a set with handles like these ones, so that you can eat straight from whatever you cook in.

Enamel plates and mugs. If you need extra plates and mugs, then enamel is great for camping. We often use a combo of enamel crockery and old plastic plates from when my children were young.

Cutlery, one for each person. Don’t bog yourself down with loads of cutlery – have every person take their own cutlery and be responsible for keeping it clean after meals.

A large flask for drinking water. My shiny, new Klean Kanteen water bottle will be with me everywhere I go of course, but we’ll also need to have something bigger for the kids to share. I love my 1.8l Thermos for this.


cloth sanitary pads in a range of colourful and exciting designs


Personal hygiene


Shampoo and soap bars work so much better for camping than bottles. Not only are piles of plastic bottles bad for our planet anyway, but the bottles risk leaking all over your stuff!

Deodorant stick or cream, preferably in a teeny tiny camp sized amount. I’ll be putting my FitPit deodorant cream in a little condiments pot – if you use a solid deodorant, then cut a small slab of it to take.

Toothpaste tabs are great for taking the exact amount you need. You can even get fluoride toothpaste tabs!

Facecloths and towels are an essential anywhere.

Cloth sanitary pads and washbag or your menstrual cup of choice. Don’t pollute your favourite festie with disposables! I use Crimson Moon CSPs and I love them!

Loo roll (or family cloth and washbag). I haven’t forayed into using family cloth just yet, so will be bringing a bit of loo roll just in case the festie toilets fail me. Do NOT bring wet wipes. In fact, if you still use them, STOP.


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What would you add? Let me know in the comments!


A vegan ice cream with an ice cream van in the background with a text overlay: "eco-friendly festival packing guide" Pinterest text: Wondering what to pack for your next festival or camping trip? This eco-friendle and green packing guide for camping and festivals has got you covered.

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