The Ultimate Plastic Free Toolkit

the ultimate plastic free toolkit

Looking to cut down on your plastic waste? You might need these!


Since deciding to work on reducing my impact on the planet, the way we live has changed drastically. One of the biggest changes has been our waste. We’re a family of five and we’ve gone from filling our kerbside collection boxes and bins every week without fail, to putting our landfill bin out once a month or less.


One of the things that helped me most with this, was building up a plastic free (or zero waste) toolkit. Every few weeks, when I felt myself fully adjust to the last change, I’d think of the next thing to try. What is the next thing I can do to reduce the amount of waste we throw out? What am I noticing in the recycling/general waste a lot recently?


The benefits of building our plastic free toolkit have been pretty far-reaching: our planet will undoubtedly be happier without being saddled with so much weight. Quite unexpectedly, it’s made my life a lot easier. I don’t have as much clutter, I don’t have to remember to add things to my shopping list, I’m saving money. In the long run, I’m saving time too!


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The ultimate plastic free toolkit


Metal straws are perfect for anyone who loves to drink through a straw but hates paper or single use anything. Some people say they leave a funny taste, but I have never found as much. These rainbow stainless steel straws make me swoon! If you don’t like stainless steel, you could always try these silicone ones.

Cloth sanitary pads are as easy as regular pads, super cute and easy to take care of. I bought mine from Crimson Moon CSP on Etsy.

A reusable coffee cup was one of my first purchases despite not actually drinking much takeaway coffee. I heartily recommend KeepCup as you can order and replace components as and when you need to rather than replacing the whole thing.

A bottle or flask for water will not only save lots of bottles or cans from being produced, but it will also save you money as you’re not continually buying loads of drinks.


Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash


Reusable food wrap or containers help you to cut down on food waste and pre-packaged, processed foods. Just be sure to label everything you put in the freezer, because after a few weeks you won’t remember what is what! Cardiff-based Tabitha Eve Co. sell vegan wax food wraps in their Etsy store.

A set of cutlery in a pencil case works wonders when you’re popping out for the day and you know you’ll need some cutlery. Keeping some cutlery of your own on hand means you no longer need disposable stirrers, forks, sporks, spoons or knives when you’re out and about.

A handkerchief or two (or six) will stop you needing to buy in packets of pocket tissues. If you’re squeamish about carrying it until you get home, then another pencil case or maybe even a travel wet bag would be the answer to all of your problems.

A shampoo bar could literally revolutionise your bathroom. I have replaced the three types of shampoo we use with two small bars, which together take up less space than half a bottle. The result? More space in my tiny bathroom and a shampoo that still lathers, feels great in my hair and smells fabulous!


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What’s in your plastic free toolkit? Let me know in the comments!


The ultimate plastic free toolkit -

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