These 7 Habits Will Bring More Happiness To Your Life

Do you need to feel happier?


Every so often, I take my eye off the ball and things start to slip. The last few weeks have been one such time. I’ve been working like crazy and had all of the extra things to do. Fast track to burn out, anyone?


I’m burning out, and I am feeling the strain. I’ve been working so hard that I’ve forgotten about most of these habits! I’m going to make sure I remember these – especially drinking. So many times I get to 5pm and I’m cranky, I can’t concentrate, and all because I haven’t remembered to drink enough!



The 7 habits that will bring more happiness to your life


Getting enough rest. There’s not much that will bring a bigger downer on your day than not getting enough sleep the night before. If a solid night’s sleep is simply not possible, try to make time for a nap during the day and offload some of the busy-ness to someone who has had a better night.


Drinking enough water is so important for our wellbeing. You might not think this links to happiness in general, but did you know dehydration can cause anxiety, problems concentrating, low mood, tiredness and headache. That glass of water doesn’t seem so trivial now, does it?



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Keeping a happy journal retrains your brain to see the positives in every day. Whether you keep it on paper or do a weekly blog post like mine, journalling gets your feelings on the paper and is there to look back on time and time again.


Making time to be in the moment every day. Take some time every day to be present, taking in the sensations of the moment. Put the phone down, shut off the TV and just feel. Even thirty seconds can be enough to bring you back to the present, giving a little boost to your day.


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Thanking people when they help you. We often take people for granted, just assuming people will know that we appreciate what they do. But when the same happens the other way around, we feel resentful, hurt or angry. It’s easy to point fingers and demand that other people thank us, but that only creates hostility. A better way will be to model your desired behaviour by giving them a sincere thanks. They’ll feel a boost, which in turn will make you feel better. Chances are they’ll be more mindful of your contribution to their lives in future.


Being kind every day. Thanking other people is a way of being kind, but it isn’t the only way. Make a point of factoring in a kind act every day for the next week: it could be as simple as bringing your partner a cuppa or bringing your child’s favourite toy on the school run to play with on the way home. Keep a kindness diary, so you can look back on what you’ve done or seen when you need a boost!


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Turning your negative moments into positive action. When you do have a challenge or “negative” experience, take some time to reflect on what happened, why you think it happened and what you could do differently next time. Taking ownership of our less desirable experiences helps us feel more in control of our own lives, building confidence and making us be honest about our own behaviour.


Incorporating these seven habits into your day-to-day life will help you feel happier, be more confident and be healthier in body and mind. Try it for a week, than come back and tell me how you felt!


Which habits bring the most happiness to your life? Let me know in the comments!



  1. I loved this article! The last point, for sure, is the most important one of all! We all have moments where our negative feelings / thoughts affect the way we see things, and bringing ourselves back to the positives help us feel better, and treat others around us better too 🙂 Thank you so much for this amazing article 🙂

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