9 Tips To Energise Your Life

Feeling tired? Me too! Here are some of my top tips to get you energised, fired up and ready to face the day.


For people who are normally fit and well, much of our energy depends on our own habits. If we look after our bodies and minds, we will feel the benefit. When we don’t look after ourselves so well, our bodies will tell us!


Focusing on increasing my energy levels has helped me be able to do more around the house, with my kids and in my business.


How to bring more energy to your life



Be mindful


I know what you’re thinking, right? Mindfulness? That hippy-dippy BS? Well, it works. We rush through life without taking time to think about our bodies, our minds, or our actions and it exhausts us. You don’t have to meditate every day (although it sure does help if you can). One of the most basic mindfulness techniques is to simply savour the moment, as I covered in this week’s The Little Happy Journal Live. Hard as it was to do a mindfulness show with my little helper 😉



Sleep well


It might well be tempting to stay up late to write one more blog post, do the washing up, or watch just one more episode of whatever you’re watching, but don’t. Even one hour less sleep than your body’s optimum will affect how you manage to face the day tomorrow. Aim to spend around 8 hours sleeping, and if that doesn’t do it for you, adjust until you find your fit! I have been known to take a siesta if I haven’t had enough sleep the night before.


vegan chilli with sweet potato quinoa and butter bean


Watch what you eat


Your food is your fuel: like a car, what you top up with governs how well you can run. The answer? Eat more fruits and vegetables, cut down on meat and dairy and stop eating so much sugar! There has also been hype around eating more fermented foods, such as yoghurt, sauerkraut, kombucha and so on. I’ve tried kombucha and I did feel it gave me a boost, but the best gains will come from your fruits and veggies initially. Aim for a double helping of veggies with every meal, and more if you can manage.



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Move more


It’s proven that exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good. When you feel good, you have more energy. It’s easy to get into a trap of sitting on the sofa for most of the time. Trust me, I work from the sofa. It’s so comfy! Forcing myself to get up and get moving has given me more energy to face the rest of the day when I finish work. I work while my sons are in school, so when they get home I make a point of staying on my feet for a few hours to compensate. The dishes, and my energy levels, have thanked me for this.



Steer clear from negative influences


This doesn’t apply to me so much anymore, but there was a time when it was so important to me. There are habits, things, and people who leave you feeling drained. You know who or what these are. The overly critical parent, the up-herself school mum or the abusive partner (or ex-partner, if you got out. High five from a fellow survivor). The bottle of wine which feels so good at the end of a long day but so bad the morning after. The game on your phone which you are glued to, that leaves your wrists in agony as you realise you’ve been crushing candy for two hours. Do what you can to minimise their impact in your life.


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Make time to laugh


It is said that laughter is the best medicine, and that definitely rings true to me. Whether it’s a trashy outdated comedy or an hour on the phone with your closest friend (my personal favourite), making time to laugh regularly is sure to boost your spirits.


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Be as social as you feel comfortable


This is a difficult one for me. It’s easy for me to blog and almost feel social, but really I’m sat here in a big, pink dressing down in the warmth and obscurity of my home. Socialising with the trusted few people I can handle. Socialising near people I barely know and trust? Less so. Ian, however, is much more social than me. Forcing yourself to be more (or less) social than you can handle will exhaust you. It is OK to operate within your comfort zone sometimes!


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This one is probably more about energy conservation, haha! If you find yourself picking up after everyone else and slumping onto the sofa as soon as the kids are in bed, ask yourself this: what did everyone else do today? Was there room for someone else to take over so I could have slowed down? Often, the answer is yes, and this is where delegation comes in. Even young children can handle simple tasks themselves, if you let them. In my house, forbidding games consoles until lunch boxes have been emptied and school stuff tidied away has worked a treat.


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Be kind to yourself


This is probably the most important tip. When things don’t go to plan, be kinder to yourself. Wallowing in self-pity, or worse: blame, will suck away what little energy you have left. In a dark mood and can’t get anything done? Ease up on yourself. Everyone has days that are essentially a write-off, that’s just how life works. It’s ok. Get up and try again tomorrow.



If you're still feeling the winter blues, this post on how to bring more energy to you life could be just what you need! #mindfulness

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