Tiny Rebel Brewery Vegan Bao Bun

Vegan in Newport? You Need To Eat Here!

Veganuary 2020 has been awesome, but so much love has been given to the fast food outlets and big business that we often forget our good old locals, many of whom have been serving us tasty vegan eats for much longer than has been fashionable. Being vegan in Newport isn’t difficult – here is a run-down of the places you should eat next time you’re in town.

Le Pub, High Street

Le Pub has an almost completely vegan menu, complete with many different kinds of burgers, pies from Mr Nice Pie and even Lindas in a bun. They also have cupcakes and vegan milkshakes, so if you have a sweet tooth, Le Pub has you covered.

Tiny Rebel Brewery, Wern Industrial Estate

The Tiny Rebel Brewery was one of my favourite places to eat in the summer. Their seitan wings and jackfruit bao buns (pictured at the top) were so mouthwateringly good! If heading to the brewery is a bit of a trek, you can always pop to their city centre bar instead.

Ragtag Pizza, Clarence Place

I came here on a date in the summer and pretty impressed! We had the Kermit Gone Wild pizza (description) and fries with vegan parmesan on them. Next time I pop in, it’ll be for a vegan mum/daughter pizza date. Check out their Facebook Page for updates.

The Pot Cafe, Newport Arcade

The Pot Cafe in Newport Arcade always have several vegan meals available. I loved their vegan breakfast, with seitan “bacon”. It was a steal at £8 for a plate I struggled to finish!

Falafilo Island, High Street

Way back in the spring, I’d do Pound on a Wednesday (and if you’ve never heard of Pound, it’s exercise for rock stars). Afterwards I’d order falafels and fattoush to reward myself. Ok, it wasn’t the healthiest, but it was salad so I felt ok with this arrangement! I still catch myself thinking of Wednesday as Falafel Wednesday. I’ve also had catering from these folks, and almost a year later it still gets mentioned by my guests!

Falafilo Island Newport Vegan Food
Image: Falafilo Island

The Pen & Wig, Stow Hill

Although The Pen & Wig is a very omni pub, if you’re hankering for a Sunday dinner they will do you some vegan sausages and your own pot of vegan gravy. My meat-eating sons and dad approve, and my (newly) vegan teen approves too!

Pie Corner Fish Bar, High Cross Lane

This chippy sells actual vegan chippy food (well, sausages, burgers and nuggets) but takes half an hour to cook. So if you’re popping in to grab some chips for tea, call ahead and have a cuppa first. You’ve got time. Great for a chippy picnic!

These are the favourite places I ate in 2019. Here’s to a tasty 2020! Did I miss your favourite place to eat? Let me know in the comments!

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