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Sharing a Story for World Book Day 2019

Happy World Book Day! On World Book Day 2019, World Book Day Wales and the Welsh Books Council are campaigning to #ShareAStory to inspire people to read to their children more by reminding them of the childhood heroes in their own stories.

Why you should read to children for at least 10 mins a day

Did you know that children who are read to regularly are up to 73% more likely to read to themselves? Reading for pleasure is known to increase emotional wellbeing and communication skills in children. Children who read for pleasure are also more likely to do well in school. If you can’t find 10 mins a day to read, then get your children to read to you – this way you’re still spending quality time together and encouraging a love of reading in your children.

The books that inspired me most as a child (and adult)

The BFG inspired me most as a child. Sophie showed me that it’s ok to be scared, that friends come from the unlikeliest places and that you should never stop dreaming. It’s the story I went back to most often during my childhood. Now my children read it too – watching them leaf through the very well-read copy I had as a child brings me so much joy.

Now that I think of it, Matilda had a strong influence on my childhood too. She too was brave, smart and not afraid to do what was right. She didn’t fit in at home or school but she got on with it anyway.

Having strong role models is so important for girls, but it wasn’t until I had sons that I realised how important it was to make sure there were strong role models for boys available too. I don’t mean the stereotypical, toxic male strength that dominates today’s media.

Toletis is a quiet, sensitive and caring boy who isn’t afraid to show his emotions. His character is a perfect antidote to the expectations of a “typical” boy: loud, boisterous and destructive. It’s a book for parents who reject the saying “boys will be boys”.

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