Net Zero Company's 1200ml munchie box with samosas and salad on a green background

Zero Waste With The Net Zero Company

My zero waste journey has stagnated lately. I’ve been so busy with all of the life things, that it’s been a real struggle to take on new planet-friendly habits. Thankfully, we’re already low waste – so much so that my neighbour recently knocked the door to ask to use my general waste bin (the request was preceded by “You don’t use your black bin, do you?”).

The turn of the new year has got me thinking about my sustainability goals once more. I’d like to see a further reduction in my waste, so the Net Zero Company sent us a few zero waste swaps to try out. Read on for my thoughts!

Disclosure: gifted product

The Net Zero Company

The Net Zero Company is an online marketplace for people who are starting (or continuing) their zero waste journey. They aim to be a propeller of the low impact movement, starting their journey after finding out that by the year 2050, there could be more plastic in our oceans than fish.

What about the packaging?

The package was delivered in a compostable sack, with biodegradable air pockets protecting the goodies inside. The air pockets went in the food waste (it’s the same material as the food waste bags) and the sack is now in my compost heap. The individual items had a small amount of cardboard, which has been saved for my no dig patch. And the spork same in a cute little pouch, which is perfect for carrying it on the go. Da iawn/very good!

Net Zero Company's 1200ml munchie box with samosas and salad on a green background

Munchie box, spork & toothbrushes

The stainless steel munchie box surprised me with how big it is. The 1200ml one will easily fit enough for lunch for one, or snacks for several. Paired with the adorable travel spork, it’s an ideal companion for someone who is often on the go. Perfect for lunch on the train, or even some school lunches!

The bamboo toothbrushes are great – the charcoal infused nylon bristles are nice and soft, and they are discreetly numbered with waves.

But what about the delivery?

There’s no getting around it – shipping half way across the world isn’t good for the environment. I will always advocate seeking out a local trader first. However, one zero waste item can stop many more single use items from being produced, and shipped, all over the globe. If you’re a Brit like me, you can’t find your next zero waste swap and you don’t want to give your money to the likes of Amazon, the Net Zero Company is a good bet. If you’re one of my readers from across the Atlantic, then these are perfect for you! I’d love to see an option to pay to offset/partially offset the carbon generated by delivery like Piktfresh offer. If they bring it in, I’ll update here!

With a decent following on Facebook and Instagram it’s clear the Net Zero Company is a much loved face of the zero waste movement. Well done to them – I look forward to seeing what else they get up to!

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