7 Vegan Breakfast In Bed Ideas

Treat the special person in your life to a vegan breakfast in bed.


Breakfast in bed is one of the best ways to show the people you love that you appreciate them. To me, it’s right up there with flowers or a freshly run bath. Waking up to a freshly brewed coffee and something to nibble on is a fine way to start the day, and with Mother’s Day just a few days away, it’s time to start thinking about what you can do for the mummy in your house! If you are the mum, pass this on to the person you want to cook you breakfast!


Vegan Breakfast In Bed Ideas


Since starting to explore a vegan diet, many of my old breakfast staples went out of the window. Sure, I can still have most cereals with vegan milk, or wholemeal toast with vegan marg and yeast extract (a staple in my house), but that’s a little boring for breakfast in bed, no?


If you’re going to make a vegan breakfast in bed, make it a special one. These seven recipes are perfect to lazily eat in bed as you come around. Pair with a freshly brewed coffee or tea and a glass of fruit juice for the ultimate breakfast in bed experience. Bonus points if you run a hot bath while the breakfast in bed is being consumed! (Seriously though, are Ian and my kids reading this?)


vegan pancakes with chocolate sauce, blueberries, chocolate chips and blood orange


My vegan pancakes


My perfect vegan pancake recipe is understandably top of my list. It’s easy to throw together and you can put whatever toppings you want on them! I would love them topped with fresh fruit (blueberries and blood orange is still my favourite) and some grated dark chocolate or a vegan chocolate syrup. For a more savoury flavour, you could try fried mushrooms and vegan sausage/bacon! Or a good vegan bacon and maple syrup.


Vegan smoothies


Smoothies are the breakfasts of the go-getters. They’re versatile and nutritious and you could even make them caffeinated! This chocolate peanut butter smoothie looks delicious and would probably love a dash of espresso.


scrambled tofu in a pan with spinach and tomato stirred into it
Photo: The Garden Grazer


Tofu scramble


I’m only just getting the hang of tofu scramble and this recipe looks like it’s got the gist of it. I don’t usually have a hearty breakfast, but on the days where it’s required, this tofu scramble full of veggies and flavour is where I’ll be headed.


Vegan french toast


A few years ago, I would make french toast every week. When we started cutting down our sugar intake it became less often, and when we started cutting animal products from our diet it became pretty much non-existent. I didn’t even notice, because I was so busy exploring new foods and bringing them to the children. I never would have thought to use banana! My youngest doesn’t love banana so the chances of him eating it would be slim, but I bet the rest of us would love to try this.


two glass pots of overnight oats topped with an apple and cinnamon compote with apples in the background
Photo: Annie’s Noms



Overnight oats


Oh my. These Apple Pie overnight oats are as wholesome as they are delicious. I’m always looking for an excuse to get more oats into my diet and this just might be it. The recipe calls for 1 cup of milk (or unspecified type), but I would probably use a little bit more if you’re warming up the oats in the morning. From experience, soya; cashew and oat milks all work well in overnight oats.


Chia pudding


Chia pudding is one of those recipes that I’ve found pretty hard to crack – I never seem to put enough liquid in, or I put in too much… Eating Bird Food explains how to do it properly, while adorning her puddings in my favourite fruit (blueberries) and taking some beautiful foodie shots.


two sliced of toast covered with a thick layer of pesto and two large slices of tomato.
Photo: Ceara’s Kitchen


Tomato toast


Tomatoes in toast is one of my go-to healthy breakfasts of late. This open-faced roasted tomato pesto melt takes it to the next level. I’m not even sure if it’s technically a breakfast food – at this point I couldn’t care less. I want this tomatoey, toasty goodness in my belly for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


What is your favourite vegan breakfast in bed? Let me know in the comments!


Featured photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


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