In Season Vegan: A Recipe Round-Up (March)

Your monthly guide to in-season, vegan eating. Easy, cheap and delicious, these recipes tick all of the boxes! In Season Vegan: March.

In Season Vegan: March


It’s almost Spring, although you wouldn’t think it with the “Beast from the East” rearing it’s ugly head. I love March for so many reasons. Plants start to grow, the Sun begins to shine, it’s the birth month of my daughter and fiance. We’re already planning our garden for the year (lots of herbs, tomatoes, purple kale and leafy greens are on the horizon) and I’m eyeing up the dandelion patch and the area where nettles usually grow.


Wild garlic isn’t mentioned on the Eat The Seasons website but it grows in abundance from March to June (ish) and we know of a great (top secret) spot that’s near a train station where Ian used to live. Hedgerow edibles will start to shoot soon and after 4 years of living in Newport I’ve yet to really discover the edibles around here. This is the year that will change!


going outside with the kids


Why you should be eating the seasons.


When food isn’t in season, it has to be forced in energy guzzling hothouses or shipped in from overseas. This isn’t only bad for our planet: the fruit and veg taste best when they are at their natural peak. It is widely believed that fruit and veg that is in season retains more of its nutritional value as it hasn’t spent weeks being transported across the globe.


In short: it tastes better, it’s better for our planet, it’s better for our bodies… and guess what? It’s often better for our wallets too.


Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplashface


What’s in season in March?


Here is my pick of this season’s vegan ingredients. I use Eat the Seasons for all my seasonal lists (non-vegan website).




Cauliflower, kale, leeks, purple sprouting broccoli, salsify, spinach, spring onions, swede, wild nettles




Bananas, blood oranges, kiwi fruit, lemons, oranges, passion fruit, pineapple, rhubarb


fruit and vegetables
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The best vegan recipes that are in season in March.


These are my top picks this month: a few of them I’ve already tried. The rest are on my list to make this month. Each recipe is warming, comforting and perfect to see you through winter and beyond.


kale and sweet potato dahl
Photo: Nest & Glow



leek and onion bhajis with a tangy vegetable curry and a colourful side salad
Photo: Avant Garde Vegan


  • Another for the lovers of Indian(ish) cuisine, this Welsh Dragon curry recipe from Avant Garde Vegan deserves a bullet point of it’s own for appealing to my Welsh side. The gorgeously tangy vegetable curry marries well with the leek and onion bhajis. Yum!
  • This vegan nettle soup recipe from Will Frolic For Food (best blog name ever BTW) looks a little complicated, but as a I’m a big fan of nettle I know this recipe is going to taste great.
  • Wrapped in Newspaper’s cashew and sesame purple sprouting broccoli looks like a super simple way to get some leafy greens (or should I say leafy purples) into your life.


kale stir fry with crispy fried tofu and wholewheat noodles
Image: Lauren Caris


  • These cauliflower hash browns from Healthier Steps are amazing paired with a fried tofu “egg” round and stuffed into a wholemeal breakfast muffin.
  • Lauren Caris’s kale stir fry is going to be my new favourite weekday lunch. Colourful, healthy and packed full of flavour, this baby whips up in under 30 minutes!


Are you eating the seasons? What’s on your meal plan this month? Let me know in the comments!


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