Vegan Romantic Meals

Light the candles and get the music on, because it’s time to get loving.


It’s St Dwynwen’s Day today. St Dwynwen is the Welsh patron saint for lovers. It hasn’t been regularly celebrated in my parts of Wales since I can remember but it seems to be getting something of a resurgence in recent years, possibly because businesses want to prolong the Valentine’s Day boost. Is it just me, or are supermarkets always looking for the next big event for you to spend on?


pigeons in love in paris
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We’re probably not celebrating St Dwynwen’s Day, but we will make a special effort for Valentine’s day this year. It’s our first since moving in together! Last year I forgot to book Valentine’s Day off work. That did NOT go down well. So this year, I’m going to do something nice, even if I’ll still be working from home during the day.


Neither of us are completely vegan yet. I’m still struggling with cheese and egg, although I’m cutting more and more out all the time. Ian is less bothered about it, which is a matter for him. Nonetheless, our Valentine’s meal, like 95% of the meals I make, will be vegan.


romantic meal tomato salad


Romantic vegan meal ideas for Valentine’s Day


I haven’t decided what we’ll eat yet but the requirements are easy, delicious and not too expensive. It’ll be paired with plenty of vegan red wine (malbec is my favourite right now) and maybe a measure of coffee liqueur to round it off. As for set up, I’m thinking either LED candles on a blanket on the floor, in the garden under the fairy lights or maybe even in bed, with dimmed lights and some soft music in the background.


pink hearts


Vegan starters


You could have a salad, or a light vegan soup, but OMG. Camembert has to be one of the things I miss. BOSH have an answer for that. I give you the CamemBOSH. I’m not even going to hand you any more options here. I’m going with this.




Vegan mains


Steak and chips is a timeless Valentine’s Day classic and thanks to Sgaia, vegans need miss out no longer. Pair a Sgaia Mheat steak with purple sprouting broccoli and some chips.


Pasta is a fairly easy classic option. Try these gorgeous stuffed shells from Minimalist Baker. Your favourite marinara sauce paired with creamy tofu and meaty aubergine. I’m going to have a hard time choosing between these recipes!


vegan microwave chocolate brownie in a mug and a peppermint candy cane heart


Vegan desserts


If you’ve left room for dessert, my microwave chocolate brownies are always a winner. Vegan tiramisu would also be pretty awesome, but the number one romantic dessert of choice has to be The Spruce’s vegan chocolate fondue. Lay it out with a selection of fruit to feed each other.


What are you eating for Valentine’s Day?


If you're spending the evening at home this Valentine's Day, these easy #vegan romantic meals are just what you need! Feel the #veganlove :)

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