The Body Shop Banana Hair Mask (Vegan) Review and Giveaway

Recently I bought a tub of the new Banana Hair Mask from The Body Shop. How did it fare?

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. I love that it’s different. I love that it’s so curly and bouncy and I get to say “why yes, I woke up like this!” so often when my hair is at it’s best.

I hate trying to tame my hair. I hate that when it goes wrong, it goes very VERY wrong. I hate that it takes more time to look after it than I actually have.

In fact, I recently took a pair of scissors to my hair after getting utterly fed up with it, with surprisingly good results.

My Aunt is a Body Shop at Home consultant, and she showed me some before and after photos of the banana hair mask. Unlike the shampoo and conditioner in the banana range, the hair mask is vegan. Perfect for people who are trying to reduce their consumption of animal products!

the body shop banana hair mask review

The Body Shop Banana Hair Mask Review

The first thing I noticed was that it smelled delicious. I read the description (“We blended our Community Trade banana in a nature-powered recipe with Peruvian Community Trade Brazil nut oil, Brazilian cupuacu butter and Community Trade shea butter and cocoa butter”) and thought “that’s all? It smells so yummy too!”

It turns out the banana hair mask is neither yummy nor safe for human consumption. Don’t try this at home! #Oops!

Not my finest moment. Turns out the actual ingredient list is on the bottom. Once I’d had a drink and regained a sense of dignity (ha!) I decided before and after shots would be a good idea.

banana hair mask review before shot


My hair is dry and very frizzy. It’s brittle in places, although most of the brittle parts got hacked off in the post-festival exodus. My hair is neglected and quite frankly, I don’t have time for it! I really hope keeping it shorter will help (it was halfway down my back before I chopped it off) but still. I need help.

banana hair mask review after shot


As my hair is drying, I notice the ends still seem pretty dry. When my hair is completely dry, it feels softer and is much less frizzy than before. My hair smells delicious – I can’t help but sniff my hair throughout the day!

The Verdict

After months of casual neglect and a weekend in a field, my hair was in pretty horrific shape. The banana hair mask softened my hair and noticeably reduced frizz. It smelled amazing in my hair. It’s affordable and vegan, however the other products in the banana range are not vegan. In the post-festival fatigue and moving stress, it felt good to treat myself. I think after another application, my hair will look even better.

Win a Banana Hair Mask of your own!

I’m feeling generous so I bought an extra hair mask to give away to one of my readers! It’s been an amazing journey so far. Thank you all for your support!

The Body Shop Banana Hair Mask Giveaway

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