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Exante Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes Review

Not many people know this but losing weight is one of my personal goals this year. I’ve never tried diet shakes before but a few non-vegan bloggers have, and so Exante was already on my radar. However, up until recently they didn’t offer vegan options. They recently launched some vegan flavours and sent some across to try. Here’s what I thought!

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Exante Vegan Shakes

The vegan range consist of four flavours: banana bread, double chocolate, blueberry muffin and coffee and walnut. They consist largely of soya protein, oat meal and a vitamin premix. The vitamin premix makes the shakes an ideal meal replacement – they contain 27 essential vitamins, including iron, vitamin C and B12. They are made to be part of a VCLD (very low calorie diet) and contain about 200 calories each.

Exante vegan blueberry muffin meal replacement shake

What I loved about Exante vegan shakes

Although the shakes are low in calories, they are packed full of vitamins and minerals thanks to the vitamin pre-mix. The double chocolate and coffee and walnut flavours are gorgeous. I found I got more done in my work day too, because I didn’t have to prep any lunch.

This is the vegan meal replacement bundle I sampled.

Exante vegan meal replacement shake

What I didn’t

The vegan options are limited to just 4 shakes so far. I’m just doing one shake a day for now while I try out this range, but even then I can see myself getting tired of the flavours by the end of it. The other issue for me is the waste. Each shake comes in a single use, mixed material packet. I’m keeping it all together in the hopes I can find a solution soon, but it’s not hugely practical for those aiming for zero waste.

I’ve been in touch with Exante and they’ve assured me that they’re working towards being more socially responsibly both in their offices and as retailers. I’ve suggested they work with Terracycle and look into bulk tubs for their powders, fingers crossed they listen!

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