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Green Gathering 2017 Review

Green Gathering is an annual festival for the green-hearted held at Piercefield Park in Chepstow. This year, the thunder roared, the wind howled and the rain poured. Did we manage to have a good time? Read on for our Green Gathering review!

green gathering fire show

Best Green Gathering moment.

Watching people play with fire (what’s the technical term?) on the last night, cwtching up to my fiance and reflecting on what an amazing time we all had. It wasn’t like last year and the bucket list remained largely untouched. I didn’t learn as much as I expected to learn. I mostly stayed away from the Campaigns area, only really popping in for Wales Green Party stuff (as their newsletter editor). But I relaxed, I enjoyed myself, I tried new experiences and watched my children try them too. This was a very different experience to last year but I knew that I was coming home refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to change the world all the same.

rain green gathering

Worst Green Gathering moment.

High winds on Thursday collapsing our teepee tent while we were all inside. The kids loved it, but the central pole hit me on the head and I was cold and tired and utterly fed up! The weather improved after that, but the bump on the head really tested my resolve. After a we got the tent back up and I was given a cuppa, I calmed down and began to see the funny side. I wasn’t badly hurt. The kids thought it was hilarious. This is probably something we’ll reminisce about when the kids are adults.

nuclear power green gathering

Other amazing moments.

My sons clocking a sign saying “Nuclear Power? F*** off!” and realising I wasn’t telling them off for reading it. I told them they could say it as much as they wanted, only at Green Gathering. They looked like Christmas came early!

Asking my youngest what his favourite food at Green Gathering was and being told he loved the burgers. Shane has some big food hangups and tries to exclude almost all fruit and vegetables. He thought the burger was just a regular, carnivorous burger. We won this one!

My pre-teen Rhian relaxing and enjoying the festival way more than I thought she would. She “hates” nature and “doesn’t do” vegan food (despite our diet at home being almost completely vegan). And yet, no complaints were made!

Sitting on the field by the hippo, clutching a cuppa and listening to a random busker while the kids played nicely on the field.

Trying to joke Shane out of a hangry grump by saying “What should nuclear power do?”. His answer was “Nuclear power should kill you!” It took me by surprise and I could only giggle, knowing that we’d obviously explained the dangers of nuclear power fairly well 😉

veggies catering campaign green gathering

Best food at Green Gathering.

I didn’t try a food at Green Gathering that I disliked, but my clear favourite was Veggies Catering Campaign. I visited the stall three or four times, twice coming away with as many vegetable samosas as I could carry. They were so delicious, I don’t much mind putting on weight for them. Much. I couldn’t go without mentioning Ice Green however – we went there twice! My favourite ice cream was the Superfood which contained berries, algae and turmeric. The turmeric gave it a lovely, slightly spicy edge. I hope to see them again soon!

ice green ice cream green gathering

Best solo act.

Without a doubt, this was Sika. Sika played two slots at the Floating Lotus stage. He was clearly very popular as we could hardly get inside the tent! As well as playing the two slots he was booked for he joined at least two other acts to perform with them.

sika green gathering

Best group.

Transglobal Underground were definitely my favourite group of the festival. Their set had an amazing energy and I was glad Ian introduced me to them.

giant bubbles green gathering

Special mentions.

We loved making copper jewellery, the Turn Up For Fun team in the kid’s area, spending time in the Faerie Glade, cocktails from Raconteur’s Delight, the boat swings, the swap shop and the free shop. We also loved Hoopy Frood, The Don Bradmans and Black Light Secret (or should I say Black Light Drama?).

Rhian loved the Buddhafield cafe and having a tarot reading. Caden loved the boat swings and the giant bubbles. Shane loved the burgers at Veggies Catering Campaign, the Ice Green ice cream and the pancakes. Ian loved being around decent people all striving towards a greener life and sharing their skills.

copper jewellery making green gathering

Next year, I hope…

  • That the Permaculture area is in a better place. It was pretty tucked away this year!
  • The Peace Garden is expanded and made better.
  • There are more mixers in the bars – as much as I enjoyed the brandy and sweet cider I had on the last day (much to my peril the next morning), I would have also enjoyed the rum & ginger I had been drinking.
  • The sun joins us for almost the whole weekend, or at least the torrential rain and thunder stay away!

blue skies green gathering

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