keepcup review

KeepCup Review

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… I was given a KeepCup in celebration of the anniversary of my birth. After taking it for a test drive, I thought I’d blog about it. Fancy winning your own? Read on!

I am a notoriously difficult person to buy for. I never know what I want and I’m bad at making decisions. When my Dad asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I knew I wanted something that would help me better care for our planet – but what?

keepcup review

Days passed. Then I remembered seeing travel mugs made of glass at the Taff & Yank Vegan Fayre. A quick flick through my photos showed me that the KeepCup was what I’d been looking for. After finding them on Ecosia and realising they’d released a range of Star Wars mugs, I was sure the Universe had this in mind. I chose the Darth Vader LongPlay mug.

Darth Vader found my lack of hydration disturbing.

I hadn’t gone all this time without a travel mug. I had a cute plastic travel mug – it was white and covered in hearts. It only cost a few quid. It did the job, until I lost it. I checked in work (I had a job as a barista at the time and would often use the travel mug for drinks in work) and all over the house. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I hope that whoever found it was making good use of it!

It’s all about a soya #psl from @coffeenumber1 in my Darth Vader @keepcup! Autumn is coming.

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Darth Vader KeepCup Review

The cup I chose was the Darth Vader Longplay 12ozs. The first thing I noticed was that they went all out with the Star Wars references, much to my delight! Let’s face it though, I didn’t want a KeepCup purely because of Star Wars. Let’s get on with reviewing! I decided that the best thing to do was take the cup out for a spin.

Test number one: the morning cuppa.

I can’t be the only one that never manages to finish a cuppa before the school run. On the rare occasion I do finish one, it’s because I’ve misjudged the amount of time I have and the children end up being late to school. I didn’t manage a single sip on the way but it was still warm by the time I got the kids to school. I took my time on the way to the bus and drank my cuppa in the sunshine!

Test number two: the shopping trip.

We went straight to the shops as planned for a day of libraries, shopping and home ed prep for the term. After a couple of boring administrative tasks and returning my way overdue library books, I was hankering for a cuppa. I headed straight to my local Coffee#1 for a soya pumpkin spice latte. It didn’t disappoint and neither did my gorgeous KeepCup!

After buying everything we needed, we headed for lunch at our favourite vegan eatery, Sicily to Seattle. I headed home clutching an Oatly Barista vanilla latte, which I loved! The lid has a plug which stops any hot drinks from splashing out and burning my hand.

darth vader keep cup review

The verdict.

I love my KeepCup. The twin wall and plastic cover keep it warmer for longer, while the glass inner can keep my fingers warm. The design is nerdy enough to be pleasing but subtle enough for every day. The inside of the cup is printed with it’s capacity, so I never need to be worried about being charged for a larger drink than it can contain.

The KeepCups are designed to be durable, but if a part does break, you won’t need to buy another KeepCup. The components are recyclable and you can order replacement parts on their website so you will never need to buy a whole cup again. Most of it can be recycled with your household recycling scheme, and you can post the silicone bands to their office for recycling too. I might say this is the *ahem* father of reusable coffee cups.

In short?

These are the cups you’re looking for.


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