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Toletis Review (Rafa Ruiz) (Book)

Spend a year with Toletis, a young Spanish boy and his friends, Claudia and Tutan. Set in a sleepy town in the Spanish mountains, this enchanting book will bring back your inner child.


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Toletis: A Unique Perspective on Life, Love and Loss


I did not want to put this book down – if I wasn’t a grown-up with responsibilities, I wouldn’t have. Reading this brought me right back to my own childhood: spending endless days exploring the woodland near my home (which was also in the mountains), arranging a protest in my street with the other children to save the trees which were being felled, my first experiences of love and loss.


The book is advertised as being suitable for ages 7-107, but to be honest my 7-old-son would struggle with the length of the book, despite being an advanced reader. I don’t mind, though. I don’t actually want to share the book!


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Illustrated by Elena Horinga, the full page illustrations scattered throughout draw you further into a story that is thoughtful, innocent and loving.


“Trees are disappearing and the adults don’t care. Toletis, his dog Amenophis and friends Claudia and Tutan are on a mission to turn their little valley town, set deep in the mountains, lusciously green again. The odds are stacked against them. Can they succeed… with some very unusual help?”


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What I loved about Toletis


This beautifully illustrated book perfectly captures the wonder of a child’s mind in a way that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Gently touching on everyday problems such as loss, love and heartbreak; Toletis is a uniquely wonderful perspective on life through the eyes of a child.


I mourned with Toletis, felt the giddy heights of his secret love, the wind rustling through my hair as I cheered his successes. His friends were my friends, his family mine too. Peeking into a year of his life has hit me right in the feels.

Toletis opens a window into a child-like simplicity that in today’s world is hard to come by even as a child. It makes me long for days when childhoods were simpler. We’re getting our warm clothes on and spending some time among the trees this week. After reading this book, you will be too.


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You can buy Toletis from Waterstones, Amazon and all other good bookstores. Read my other reviews here.


Toletis by Rafa Ruiz

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