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Violife Halloumi Review – Violife Mediterranean Style

When I read on Facebook that Violife had finally released a vegan alternative to halloumi, I jumped for joy! Halloumi is one of the only non-vegan foods I still eat regularly so anything that helps me cut down further is alright by me. Read on for my full Violife halloumi review.

violife halloumi

Where to get Violife halloumi.

I got Violife Halloumi in Simply V which is based in Castle Arcade, Cardiff. Violife Halloumi is available in independent health stores now and in Sainsbury’s from August. Yum!


How to cook Violife halloumi.

You cook Violife halloumi in the same way you’d cook regular halloumi. You can fry it, pop it under the grill or barbecue it. I put mine under the grill.

violife halloumi

How does Violife halloumi compare to regular halloumi?

It’s not squeaky like regular halloumi which is a shame – the squeakiness was one of the best bits for me. It’s also not as salty. Like halloumi, it retains it’s shape but is a bit gooier on the inside.


My verdict.

As a flexi/reductarian, Violife halloumi isn’t what I wanted it to be. It doesn’t have the saltiness or the squeakiness that regular halloumi has. Despite this, I will buy it again. It’s not a vegan cheese you want to eat naked, that’s for sure. But it’s one more animal product off the shelf, and that’s good enough for me.


violife halloumi

How to have Violife halloumi.

Not sure what to put your Violife halloumi with? Just use it in place of regular halloumi in your favourite recipes. Here are some suggestions:

  • Halloumi and medeterranian vegetable skewers
  • Garlic bread, blackened cherry tomatoes and grilled halloumi
  • Halloumi “fish” and chips
  • Pittas stuffed with halloumi, leafy greens and chargrilled veg.
  • Halloumi and watermelon quinoa salad (pictured)
  • Halloumi fries

Amuse Your Bouche (one of my favourite food bloggers) has loads of recipes using regular halloumi. Check out her many halloumi recipes!


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Violife Halloumi review


  1. I think I’ll give this a go.I’m looking to start a vegan series in September on blog. I’m want to try as many different dairy alternative products as possible before then.

    1. Author

      Sounds great! What have you tried so far? Need any pointers?

  2. The best way I’ve found to fry this is to slice it in to thin sticks and treat it like potato in a hash brown. Slicing it thinly maximizes the area that browns: otherwise if you leave it in a block you get the bit in contact with the pan sticking to the pan…

    1. Author

      Good idea, I’ll try that! The sticking has been a problem for me.

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