vegetarian bbq ideas

Vegetarian BBQ Ideas – Simple BBQ Recipes for Summer

Last weekend we basked in glorious sunshine for a several days – the length of an average British summer. One thing I miss about my old diet is a good old BBQ – not so much the meat (but I won’t deny it tasted good at the time) but coming together with friends and family to have a good time in the sun. This year I’ve decided I’m definitely holding a vegetarian BBQ. These are the recipes I’ve chosen. Continue reading “Vegetarian BBQ Ideas – Simple BBQ Recipes for Summer”

root veg rosemary lentil vegan soup

Chunky Root Vegetable And Rosemary Soup (Vegan)


I’ve got a stinking cold at the moment and like most people in need of comfort, my go-to meal is a piping hot bowl of soup. Unlike many of my recent batch cooked meals, none of this soup is going to make it to the freezer! It’s been my lunch every day since it was made and it’s the first soup I’ve made in a LONG time has had a thumbs up from two our of three children. Continue reading “Chunky Root Vegetable And Rosemary Soup (Vegan)”