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The Done List – Free Printable


There are times when the pressure is on and no matter what you do, it never feels like you’ve achieved enough at the end of the day. The more you have to juggle, the worse it is. Work. Kids. Blogging. Education. Volunteer stuff. Keeping the house nice. Socialising with friends and family. Sorting your life out. Planning. Planning. Planning. Pinterest. Looking on Pinterest for ideas to help stop you procrastinating. The pressure to do more is endless! Sometimes at the end of a busy day I feel beat. I didn’t manage to get everything done, despite feeling like I haven’t stopped all day. You know what helps? Creating a “done list”. Continue reading “The Done List – Free Printable”

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New Years Resolutions Are Not A Waste Of Time

I’ve always done New Years Resolutions and yet recently I’ve been getting the impression that I’m in the minority. Every January it is the same. A flurry of “I’ll be the same badass bitch I was in 2016” or “I’m going to annoy you just as much next year” memes on Facebook. In fact, even when I asked my fiance if he was going to do any New Year’s Resolutions he told me he didn’t bother and that they were a waste of time. Continue reading “New Years Resolutions Are Not A Waste Of Time”