work with me - about lauren

Why you should work with me


As my main stream of income, the success of Inspire Create Educate matters a lot to me! I take great pride in producing beautiful, well-written content that my readers love. The topics my readers are most interested in include sustainability, mindfulness, wellbeing and vegan food. In May 2018 I was announced as one of Vuelio’s Top 10 Green Bloggers in the UK.

work with me - topics I blog about - vegan food, sustainability, mindfulness & wellbeing

The stats


  • DA: 20
  • PA: 28
  • Unique Visitors: 1,900+ per month
  • Twitter: 900+
  • Instagram: 300+
  • Facebook: 150+
  • Pinterest monthly reach: 41,000+
  • Total social following:  1,300+


Last updated 05/11/2018. Feel free to ask for an update!

work with me - brands I've worked with

Brands I’ve worked with


Indigo Herbs, Green Gathering, Juno Magazine, Used Kitchen Exchange, Shiply, Etsy and more!

how I can help you - work with me

How I can help you


  • Hosting sponsored posts, infographics and links;
  • Writing guest posts or other copy for your blog or website;
  • Posting across my social media networks;
  • Reviewing or speaking at your event, conference or festival;
  • Providing guest content for your social networks;
  • Reviewing products relevant to my audience

Do you want something not listed here? Email me anyway – I might be able help and if not I probably know a blogger that can!

work with me - next steps

These are your next steps…


  1. Email me at, giving me as much detail as you can about your campaign, especially what you need from me, your deadline and your budget;
  2. I’ll email you back within a week, unless it’s a school holiday;
  3. We’ll work out and agree on our campaign;
  4. I’ll get to work, hitting the deadlines and deliverables we agreed on;
  5. You’ll get an invoice for the agreed price on completion of the work;
  6. You pay on time;
  7. Everybody wins!