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I’m Lauren – a mother of three, fiancee of one and a lover of all things caffeinated. I believe every person is capable of shaping the world they live in, if they choose to try. I know what I don’t like about the world and am trying to change it.




I help busy parents lead more eco-friendly lives so they can care for our planet while keeping up with the pace of modern life. Because I get it, it’s hard. Raising human beings is hard enough without having to spin ALL of the plates. That said, our planet needs us. If you’re here reading this, I probably don’t have to get all preachy with you, but here are some sobering facts:


one in six of the world's species is facing extinction. virtually every piece of plastic ever made still exists today. we are using 1.5 times more resources than our planet can provide. One and a half acres of forest is cut down... every second.


How long did it take you to read that text? Ten seconds? Twenty?


It’s down to us to change what we can about our own habits, and that’s where I come in. This blog is my mission to do my bit and help other people do their bit too. And it’s working! My tiny little corner of the web is making a difference already. What an amazing 1st year I’ve had! 🙂


I get it though, you want to know a bit more about me, right? I mean, that’s probably why you clicked on this page to begin with! Well sit back, and get ready to go!


Loves: food, relaxing, family, Tesco yeast extract, summer, Malbec and coffee

Dislikes: most vegan cheese, cheeseless pizza, feet, disrespectful people, pressure

Can usually be found: taking something else on and seeking cuddles

Favourite quote: “Luminous beings are we” -Yoda

Hopes and dreams: a completely vegan diet (still struggling with cheese and eggs); being waste free; managing to turn her children into self-sufficient, respectful and happy adults; having the wedding we had to postpone

Is blogging because: she wants to change the world. So nothing small, then! 😉





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I write about a few things, but the main three things would be delicious vegan recipes, easy green tips and harmonising mindfulness practices (speaking of, check out my weekly mindfulness session, The Little Happy Journal Live). You can also follow my journey through my Onwards and Upwards posts.


delicious vegan food, easy green tips, harmonising mindfulness practices


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Good to read this and I like how you really narrow down your key niches. You should collect some quotes from people like me who think you are feisty, intelligent and amazing perhaps to add to this. So pleased blogging brought you my way!

  2. Your review on Sid the Madeiran wall lizard was exactly why the book was written and you picked up on all the points superbly .Thank you

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